Thursday, 1 September 2016

Pixelscrapper September Blogtrain - Keep it Moving

Hello! It has been forever since I've posted here.

   The early part of the year brought many changes, and far too many things to do, and my creative process was definitely pushed to the side.  My position at work has changed 3 times in 6 months, our babysitter went back to work, my husband had a career blip, one of the boys is finally getting help for his anxiety so he can go back to school, my youngest starts school next week and is refusing to be toilet trained, and today the boy who attacked my son a year and a half ago causing a brain injury is being sentenced. Wow I'm tired just typing all that, and that was just the highlights!!

   Add to all that another hard drive failure on my computer, (I'm currently working with a trial version of PSE on a borrowed laptop) and getting anything made for a blogtrain has been nearly impossible.  So sometime last week I finally buckled down and took a look at this month's theme. I have to say that sports and exercise have never really spoken to me, (as evidenced by my overly "fluffy" shape) so It was a really challenging endeavor. Lately I have been drawn to words so once again I have created a few pieces with text. The file includes styled versions of the items as well as the black and white, type only, version. Also you will notice two styled versions of the same piece because I couldn't decide which to include.

I hope you enjoy these and I hope to have a larger offering next month.

download it HERE

You can see all the other fantastic contributions 
at Pixelscrapper!

   On a completely different side note; even though I love scrapping digitally for it's ease and convenience, and the ability to find or make whatever elements you need at the time, I always long for the feeling of real paper to play with. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of a dedicated "craft" space so pulling out my paper stash to make a traditional scrapbook page is not on the agenda with a 3 year old who wants to "help." (mostly by cutting up every bit of paper he can find with his new scissors. I know. My fault for buying them! LOL)

   Last month I found a compromise. My sister-in-law began a business as a Stampin Up demonstrator and I have been able to make several cards. This is wonderful because I get to use some of my traditional scrapbook stash but the cards don't take too much time so I can make and put away in an hour when everyone is sleeping.  The little guy really likes the cards I've made and asked me to make one for him. This gave me the idea to make a bunch of little cards for him to include in his lunch box. Here's the 4 for his first week of school. (the large one is a special one for his first day.)

I think I will try to post the new lunch cards every week and there will be a link at the side to Jennifer's website. (Canadian)


  1. You have truly been through it but I see some bright spots in all the ugh moments love his lil cards and I hope things just keep getting better and thanks for the wordart

    1. Thank you Dawn. Life is just a huge roller coaster and we have to go through many ups and downs before the ride ends! Sometimes the downs are terrifying but they just remind us that were alive. Hope you check back once in a while for more cards too.

  2. Love the word art -- thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love your Blog train contribution! Thank you!

  4. The word art is great, thank you! Hang in there - life is still valuable and good can come from struggles.

  5. I love word art and this is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Such lovely gifts, thanks for all you share

  7. Beautiful colors!!!! Love the word art!!! The quotes are amazing!!! I really love the carpe diem flair!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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