Thursday 1 September 2016

Pixelscrapper September Blogtrain - Keep it Moving

Hello! It has been forever since I've posted here.

   The early part of the year brought many changes, and far too many things to do, and my creative process was definitely pushed to the side.  My position at work has changed 3 times in 6 months, our babysitter went back to work, my husband had a career blip, one of the boys is finally getting help for his anxiety so he can go back to school, my youngest starts school next week and is refusing to be toilet trained, and today the boy who attacked my son a year and a half ago causing a brain injury is being sentenced. Wow I'm tired just typing all that, and that was just the highlights!!

   Add to all that another hard drive failure on my computer, (I'm currently working with a trial version of PSE on a borrowed laptop) and getting anything made for a blogtrain has been nearly impossible.  So sometime last week I finally buckled down and took a look at this month's theme. I have to say that sports and exercise have never really spoken to me, (as evidenced by my overly "fluffy" shape) so It was a really challenging endeavor. Lately I have been drawn to words so once again I have created a few pieces with text. The file includes styled versions of the items as well as the black and white, type only, version. Also you will notice two styled versions of the same piece because I couldn't decide which to include.

I hope you enjoy these and I hope to have a larger offering next month.

download it HERE

You can see all the other fantastic contributions 
at Pixelscrapper!

   On a completely different side note; even though I love scrapping digitally for it's ease and convenience, and the ability to find or make whatever elements you need at the time, I always long for the feeling of real paper to play with. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of a dedicated "craft" space so pulling out my paper stash to make a traditional scrapbook page is not on the agenda with a 3 year old who wants to "help." (mostly by cutting up every bit of paper he can find with his new scissors. I know. My fault for buying them! LOL)

   Last month I found a compromise. My sister-in-law began a business as a Stampin Up demonstrator and I have been able to make several cards. This is wonderful because I get to use some of my traditional scrapbook stash but the cards don't take too much time so I can make and put away in an hour when everyone is sleeping.  The little guy really likes the cards I've made and asked me to make one for him. This gave me the idea to make a bunch of little cards for him to include in his lunch box. Here's the 4 for his first week of school. (the large one is a special one for his first day.)

I think I will try to post the new lunch cards every week and there will be a link at the side to Jennifer's website. (Canadian)

Friday 1 January 2016

Crafty Evening - Pixelscrapper January Blogtrain

     Well December was a really busy month around here and it followed a month of health issues and illnesses for all of us in November. I was laid up for a week and the little guy was in hospital for a few days, so there was not much time for creativity. Thankfully everyone is bouncing back and things are going to start slowing down in the next few weeks. (I hope) The kids were all happy with their gifts from St. Nicholas and now we will be celebrating Christmas on January 7th. Lots of wonderful food and time to spend with the entire family!
    With all that going on I only had enough time to put together a few word art tags for this blogtrain, but I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. I hope you like them! You can get all the other amazing contributions HERE

download HERE

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Let's Get Festive - Pixelscrapper December Blog Train

     The holiday season is upon us. Our neighbourhood held it's annual spaghetti dinner with Santa. All the kids had a great time and the parents got a good laugh from some of the gift requests.One young lady asked for a BMW while another wants a baby brother! In my family, we celebrate St. Nicholas day on December 19th, and I am trying to teach my littlest one a traditional song. He is of course fighting me at every turn. This will be a real test of which one of us is more stubborn. My money is on him right now!

     This month's blog train will hopefully inspire some very festive pages. I took my inspiration this month from vintage wall papers. I think the colours that were chosen for this month will work really well with any winter pages. They will certainly add a pop of colour to the mostly monochromatic scenery outside my window right now.

You can find all the other beautiful contributions HERE

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Sunday 1 November 2015

Pixelscrapper November blog train. Thankful Harvest

     So I can't believe it's November already. Halloween last night was a rainy affair, and only a few brave goblins arrived at our door. Naturally that means the teenagers are having candy for breakfast! My work schedule has been really busy this past month, so I'm glad I was able to put a few things together for this blog train early. I had hoped to do a few more things but time was not on my side.
     Since November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada, I have also included a Timeline image for Facebook this month. Please use it if you like it. If others are interested in it please send them here to get it as well.

     As usual, all the wonderfully generous contributors have put together great items for you to download. You can see all the other contributions at Pixelscrapper here.

Download HERE

Download HERE

Download HERE


Wednesday 14 October 2015

Paper clips

A few days ago I got a request from a Pixelscrapper member asking if I could make some of the paper clips from my Teenage Life kit in different colours. She thought that the hands and feet would work well with baby pages and wanted some pinks and blues. I thought that others might like them as well so here they are.

Download HERE

Sunday 11 October 2015

Thankful Harvest

I'm a little bit ahead of the game this month for the November blog train at Pixelscrapper. The theme is a bit of a stretch for me as my family has never been big on celebrating Thanksgiving. In Canada Thanksgiving happens tomorrow so we usually have more of the fall colours rather than the muted pre winter pallet for November. Also around my house we tend not to focus so much on one day of thanksgiving and try to make it a part of everyday life. All that being said, I think that I have made a valiant effort. Here are the previews.
The download links will be available November 1st.

 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the very kind comments on my first blog train contribution last month. I'm so very glad that everyone is enjoying it!

Sunday 4 October 2015

That teenage life add on

One of my boys pointed out that I hadn't included the title tag that I had made for my preview. He thought it should be available for download since it's on the preview and also thought that I should have included a few more of the word arts that I had decided to leave out of the kit. So here it is! My first add on to my first kit. I feel like I need an LOL here. I never thought I would be putting out more for this kit right away. I guess I will have to start running all my submissions past the teenagers for approval before I post them!

I'm also working on making my previews more professional looking.

Download Here